We pay up
to €50 a month
to lease your FB account

That's right! We're not going to change your login or password. In addition, you are going to get notifications from the advertising section, so you'll be able to see everything we do.
Why do we need your account?

We need to put out as many ads on FB as possible, but the social network limits the number of advertising banners that can be published from one account.

True, we could create a bunch of accounts from scratch, but FB doesn't allow ads to be published from accounts that have just been created. So, instead, we figured that we could just lease already existing accounts.

Nobody is going to change your password We only need access to the advertising section of your page.
We won't be posting anything or sending out spam from your account Your friends won't even know you're making money off your FB page.
We've got nothing to hide You will get email notifications about all of the advertising activities on your account, so you'll be able to track everything we do.

How long does the lease last?

You choose how long you want to lease your account to us, and you can cancel the arrangement at any moment by simply notifying our manager or changing the password to your account.
Day Month

Account requirements

If you have any questions or doubts regarding any specific requirement, you can contact our manager after sending in your application.

  • The account must be at least 1 year old.
  • The account must have all the basic information filled in, have an profile photo and photographs in the album.
  • The account must be linked to a verified phone number.
  • There must be at least 20 people in your FB friends list.
  • The account must not have been used in advertising campaigns in the past.
  • The account must not be listed by FB as having been used for any shady services like selling likes.
  • You need to access the account from a computer to start the process.

The accounting leasing procedure

We receive the application

If your account meets the requirements, you can submit an application through the website.

Account confirmation

Our manager gets in touch with you and verifies that your account meets our requirements.

Payment method

Our manager finds out how you want to be paid, and you provide us with your password and login on a temporary basis.